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It all started for me at a young age, I was working as a security professional in a public mall when I first laid eyes on a Giant Schnauzer. It was what many would call 'love at first sight', as from that moment on I knew I had to find out more on this breed and what they were all about. I knew this could be the breed for me - little did I really know what was in store for me and the future!


Seven years had passed and due to living situations and timing not being conditional for a large dog, I had researched the breed buying as many Giant Schnauzer breed books as I could possibly get my hands on. The more I had read and researched about the breed the more I knew this was definitely the type of dog that would fit our lifestyle and home. I had googled everything I could to find breeders within Canada, and the United States - dreaming that one day it would come to life that we could bring a Giant Schnauzer into our home. I never did see another Giant, that was until one of my co-workers asked me if I was interested in going to the local dog show the upcoming weekend. It was here that I refer to the 'stars aligning' for myself. I met Janine Starink and Solo otherwise known as MBIS Am/Can/Mex Ch. Aerdenhout's Make it So. I had met Janine and she offered to bring out Solo to meet us. I was so taken back that I had to get a picture of this event - for me I remember this day like it had happened yesterday. The day was Oct 29, 2005 - as on this VERY same day my "Vade" (BISS Am/Can Ch. Aerdenhout's Darth Vader) was also born. At the time I had asked Janine if she was expecting puppies, and her answer to me was yes actually, we just had a litter born last night! WOW - my mind RACED into question mode and I asked myself could this actually be the perfect time!!




With a small hesitation Janine advised me that she is pretty sure all of the puppies are now spoken for, but she gave me her card and advised me to email her and touch base to be put on list for future possible litter. As soon as I got home, I emailed Janine to ask her a few questions and also to make sure she had my full contact information in case a puppy became available. I think I must have sent 5 emails over a period of 1 month. 2 months later we brought Vade home !! It was all meant to be. Over the years I have attended many a dog show, went on many trips travelling to places like Cheyenne, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; New York City; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Long Beach, California; Sacramento, California; and St. Louis, Missouri to name just a few! Yes, mostly for dog shows and Giant Schnauzer Specialties. I had never travelled so much in my life!!! I LOVED IT. During this time I have made many friends that I am sure will last a lifetime. However, a few special friends I pay special tribute to as they have spent many a hour (Days and weeks!!lol) with me to help me learn things like how to show a dog in a dog show, how to groom and what tools to purchase, and much information on Giant conformation etc. These friends I hold dear to my heart and will always cherish their devotion to helping me learn - Janine Starink - Lisa Hawes - Connie Krohn. My one wish is that I always make these three very proud of my accomplishments and hope they always know that I could not have fulfilled this amazing journey I have been on so far without them.


In October of 2009 Janine, Lisa, Patti and I travelled to the World Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was here that we spent some time with some of the most well known breeders of my Giant Schnauzers. I personally met Frances Faberge of Stablemaster's kennel in Finland, Anna Vlasova of Gently Born kennel in Russia and we were fortunate to be able to spend the entire day at an out of town specialty in Venice, Slovakia with Olga Seliverstova of Gloris Kennel from Russia. This was an unbelievable experience for me and well worth the cost of the entire trip alone! Another highlight of my trip to Europe was meeting in person a very special lady who one day sent me a chat message through facebook 6 months earlier. Karolina Lutomska from Warsaw, Poland. Karolina has welcomed me into her family and friends and during the world show she picked us up and took us to her hotel where they brought real polish perogies, pickles, and real Polish vodka!!


For more details on "tales from the trails" and articles about my dog showing experiences. Please click on the button "Dog showing".


I am a member of the following Dog Clubs:


Canadian Kennel club


Giant Schnauzer Canada


Cariboo Kennel Club


Giant Schnauzer Club of America


I continue to be actively involved in dog showing and conformation, while taking classes on learning more about obedience and rally training. I am still showing "Vade" my male Giant Schnauzer and "Lacy" my special female Giant. When I'm not at a dog show, I love spending as much time as possible with my Giant Schnauzers. (oh, and did I mention Nik? Our miniature schnauzer from Poland).


Hope you have enjoyed my passion!




Leah Takats


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